Monday, 8 March 2010

Haven't been around much lately, life's been pretty hectic but the attempt at being knitty and crochety (and yes, I'm aware that neither of those are actually words) is going well.

I've joined in a couple of knit-a-long type things on the forum I belong to which is turning out to be very interesting, as well as forming a tiny little group with a couple of very lovely women that I met on Ravelry and we meet about once every 3 weeks for knitting and chatting which is hugely fun.

I'm also slowly picking up on the crochet thing but I'm still having trouble reading the patterns.  It's weird, knitting patterns and cross-stitch charts give me no problems at all but crochet patterns just confuse the hell out of me.

Speaking of crochet, me and mum are both doing blankets (just basic going round and round with the same stitch) but we have entirely different styles.  Mum holds the yarn in the same hand as her hook and sort of throws it round the hook as if she's knitting, whereas I hold the hook in one hand and the yarn in the other, picking the yarn up with the hook.  I don't know, maybe it's because I was taught to knit left-handed that I can actually do it that way because Mum says she's never seen anybody else pick up the yarn instead of throwing it around the hook.