Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bitch without the Stitch

Things are being finished at an alarming rate in my house at the moment.

Since Christmas I've completed the following:
Dad's cardigan
My socks
Kate's socks
Kate's hand-warmers
Claire's hand-warmers
Mum's hat
and my very first crochet square (been teaching myself with the aid of a new magazine)

Went to my first London Stitch and Bitch meeting last week and loved every single second of it.  Was really looking forward to going to tonight's meeting but my knee went pop when I got out of the shower leaving me in too much pain to even think about walking.  The pain probably hasn't been helped by the fact that my foot slipped off the top step yesterday and I bounced down the stairs on my bum, leaving me with some quite impressive scrapes and bruises.

I'm working on a scarf at the moment and, even though it's on 12 mm needles in super-chunky with a slight cable pattern, it's driving me completely insane!

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